The Orwell Public House | Drink. Eat. Repeat.
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Drink. Eat. Repeat.

“A human being is primarily a bag for putting food into.”

– George Orwell

The Orwell Now Delivers!

Our fantastic menu is now available for delivery, 11am to 10pm, 7 days a week!

Call 519-915-7733 to place your order.


Smaller Stuff


Jalapeno Rolls – stuffed with cream cheese, bacon, and garlic, served with lime cilantro aioli. 9
Lamb Curry Rolls – braised lamb, spinach and rice, served with soya sweet chili sauce. 11

Spiced Chicken Wontons – served with smoked cheddar Sriracha sauce. 9
Bacon Wings – bacon confit chicken wings, breaded, served with Stout BBQ sauce, sambal lime hot sauce, maple roasted garlic sauce, or Idiot sauce. 11

Death by Poutine – hand cut fries, pork belly, smoked bacon, smoked cheddar, veal demi. 11

Deep Fried Pickles – Served with smoked paprika aioli. 8


Green Stuff


House Salad – spring mix, grape tomatoes, roasted squash and apples, seeds, apple bourbon vinaigrette. 9

Spinach & Grains – baby spinach, grape tomatoes, bulgar wheat, feta, green onions, roasted tomato vinaigrette. 11




Side Fry 5

Side Gravy 1.50
Side Salad 4

Side Coleslaw 2
Soup of the Day – 6


Stuff on Bread


(All stuff served with hand cut fries or slaw. Add a side salad for $3)

The Napoleon – ground beef burger, pork belly, ham, bacon, white cheddar, Roma tomatoes, greens. 15

The Boxer – ground beef burger, roasted apple, horseradish, Gruyere cheese, Roma tomatoes, greens. 14

The Animal Farm – ground beef burger, pork belly, spiced chicken, duck breast, Roma tomatoes, greens. 16

Mushroom Veggie Bean Thing – served on an onion roll with baby spinach, bourbon dressing, horseradish, tomatoes and pickled onion. 14

Chicken Caesar Club – Braised chicken, house made Caesar dressing, bacon, romaine lettuce, Roma tomatoes, parmesan cheese, sourdough bread. 14

Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese – BBQ pulled pork, white cheddar, sourdough bread. 11


Bigger Stuff


Veggie Pot Pie – roasted mushrooms and squash, barley, lentils, baked with puff pastry. 16

Mac & Cheese – concoction will change regularly. Ask your server for today’s creation. 13

Risotto – Chef’s choice. Ask your server. 13


Pints of Ale

Domestic 6.25
Imports & Premium 6.75
Guinness 7

Pitchers of Ale

Domestic 16.50
Premium 19.50


Domestic 4.50
Imports 5
Tall Boys 5.75

The Hard Stuff

Coolers 5.75
Wells 4.50
Premium Wells 4.75
Bombs 5


Glass 5.50
Bottle 21